Recipe for Vegetable Salad

The goal is to create a salad from raw vegetables which you can eat with a table spoon. Use this recipe for the basic idea and adapt to your own preferences.


1     onion, not quite tennis ball sized

into small dice and mix those with

some  vinegar and
some  salt

and let it sit for an hour or more. About 10..15ml of vinegar and half a tablespoon of salt can work out well. Vary to your own taste.

In the mean time, you can do other things and then continue with the salad.

Start with most of

500g  yoghurt

in a large bowl and add most of the onions (without much vinegar, we may need the vinegar later).

Then cut the vegetables into small pieces (radish and carrot pieces should be very small) and stir them into the yoghurt:

2     bell pepper, red (Paprika, rot)
2     bell pepper, yellow (Paprika, gelb)
1     bell pepper, green (Paprika, grün)
1     kohlrabi (Kohlrabi)
1     broccoli (Broccoli)
6..10 tomatoes, ping pong ball sized (Tomaten in Tischtennisballgröße)
      or comparable quantity (bzw. vergleichbare Menge)
5     radishes ([Radieschen](
1     carrot (Möhre)

The radish pieces should be a bit smaller than the others in order to more evenly distribute their aroma and hotness.

The carrot pieces should be much smaller than the others as carrots have a much firmer texture.

Adjust the amount of sauce by adding more yoghurt and/or tomatos. The sauce is supposed to mostly cover the pieces so they can exchange some taste with the sauce and each other.

Adjust the hotness by adding more radish pieces.

Adjust the taste by adding

some  salt
some  salad oil (rape seed oil works nicely)
some  chili powder (Paprikapulver, scharf)
the   remaining vinegar
the   remaining onions

Let the salad sit for a bit to let substance concentrations even out some, then re-adjust the taste. Stir early, stir and re-adjust taste often.

Some ideas for variations:

  • Replace (part of) vinegar with water.
  • Add/replace/remove different kinds of vegetables according to availability and taste.
  • Different kinds of yoghurt taste differently and thus may be suited more or less as sauce for this kind of salad.
  • Use hot peppers or chilis instead of chili powder.
  • Add boiled rice to make a rice salad. This will require some more fluid for the sauce (e.g. vegetable broth), as the rice will soak up a lot.