Starting AICCU on OpenWRT

OpenWRT have apparently removed the /etc/init.d/aiccu start script in order not to violate the SixXS terms of service regarding repeated and unattended tunnel setup.

However, I want to have the router try one tunnel setup after I have manually switched it on.

Now, in order to have aiccu successfully set up a tunnel, we will have to ensure a set of conditions is met when we run `aiccu start´.

  • IPv4 connectivity to
  • IPv4 connectivity to my POP
  • local system time must be accurate

LED Configuration With OpenWRT

I still had an unused obsolete PCEngines WRAP.1C board lying around. I had never tried OpenWRT on x86 (back in the early to mid 2000s, my WRAP ran LEAF Bering uClibc).

So I set up a SixXS IPv6 tunnel endpoint on the WRAP, and while reading the OpenWRT documentation, I stumbled over the mentioning of LEDs. Turns out that OpenWRT can trigger some boards’ LEDs on a number of events - which let me configure two special purpose LEDs instead of the two unused-by-default in the WRAP’s array of 3 GPIO LEDs.

How to Rescue Data Off the Disk Inside a WD MyBook Live NAS

Got a WD MyBook Live NAS with a broken NAS circuit board? Want to rescue your data off the standard 3.5” SATA disk inside the NAS enclosure? Tried mounting the block device on your Linux system and just got the kernel saying EXT4-fs (sdg4): bad block size 65536?

This article summarizes what I had to find out while I was in that situation.